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Welcome to Summer Term

Welcome year 5,


This term our history topic is called 'Groundbreaking Greeks'. We will be learning about developments and changes over six periods of ancient Greek history, focusing on the city state of Athens in the Classical age, and exploring the lasting legacy of ancient Greece.


At the bottom of this page are documents - vocabulary, a knowledge organiser and home learning tasks for these units. The home learning tasks are optional and do not need to be brought into school but will support your child's learning.



We will learn reading, writing, speaking and listening through different units based on high-quality texts. This term the theme of our stories will be lessons from history. We will begin the term by basing our writing on the book 'Kasper, Prince of Cats' by Michael Morpurgo. We will create a range of fiction and non fiction writing opportunities including letter writing, narrative writing an alternative ending, newspaper articles, recounts and researching The Titanic and its voyage.



We teach reading through the Destination Reader scheme at Oaklands. Children will be learning the reading skills of prediction, inference, clarification, evaluation, questioning and making links. We will begin this term by reading 'Who Let the Gods Out' by Maz Evans. 



At Oaklands we teach through the White Rose scheme. We will start this term by learning about shape.



Our project this term is 'Properties and Changes of Materials'. In this unit we will learn about the wider properties of materials and their uses. We will learn about mixtures and how they can be separated using sieving, filtration and evaporation. We will study reversible and irreversible changes, and use common indicators to identify irreversible changes.



We use Purple Mash to help with our Computing learning. This term we will working on word processing and 3D modelling.



Language Angels is the scheme we use for French teaching at Oaklands. This term we will learn about 'my home' and 'habitats'.



Using Charanga, the children will learn how to: listen and appreciate music; sing in groups and to play along with known songs. They will have the opportunity to improvise using instruments as well. 



In PE, children will learn OAA (outdoor adventurous activities) and tennis. P.E. at school will take place on Tuesdays and Wednesdays where we will continue to wear our PE kit to school. The kit consist of a sky blue polo, royal blue Oaklands jumper, royal blue cotton shorts, socks and suitable sports trainers. For health and safety reasons earrings and watches should be removed for all PE lessons and long hair must be tied up.




Reading: Every night (15 minutes)Reading books will be changed on a Tuesday and each pupil will take two books home depending on their level of reading ability. Please make sure children have their books available to read every day.


Timetable Rock stars: Daily practise of timetables is strongly recommended. Recalling times tables improves memory skills, which is a transferrable skill that will help throughout school and into adult life. Children will find it easier to solve maths problems and to do mental arithmetic if they have already memorised their times tables.


A piece of homework to support learning in class will be given out every other week on a Friday and will be due on the following Wednesday in homework books.


On Wednesday mornings, Mrs Bissmire and Mrs Andreas will teach PE and PHSE/RSE. We are lucky to be supported in class by Mrs Donnelly and Ms McGrath. If you, or anyone you know, has skills or knowledge that could enrich our in-class learning, we would love to hear from you and see if we can make use of this in our lessons. 


If you have any concerns, or questions regarding your child, please contact the school office ( to arrange a meeting. 


Kind regards,

Ms Mohammed

Year 5 teacher

French and RE subject lead












Properties and Changes of Materials

Year 5 and 6 Statutory Spelling Words