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Welcome back and Happy New Year! We hope you had a lovely, relaxing Christmas break.

Over the next half term those of us in Murphy Class will be following a unit of work on a theme that focuses on ‘Light and dark’.


This unit of work is part of the International Primary Curriculum. This new curriculum sets out very clearly what children will learn – the learning goals – in three different areas:


1. The subjects of the curriculum. The learning goals for each of these subjects are at least as challenging as anything taught in the curriculum  in your child’s own country. In many cases, the learning goals are more challenging.

2. Personal development – the characteristics which will help children become more responsible, independent learners.

3. International understanding – which will help children develop both a sense of the independence of their own country and culture and the interdependence between countries and cultures.


Each unit of work is based around specific targets derived from the learning goals for one or more of the subjects.


During this unit we will be focusing on Art, Geography, Music, Science and International.


In Art, we’ll be finding out:

 • How to show light and dark in our drawings and paintings

 • How artists have shown light and dark in their own paintings


In Geography, we’ll be finding out:

 • About what causes day and night

• About countries that have very long summer days and very long winter nights

• About different sources of light in our school and local area


In Music, we’ll be finding out:

 • About songs and music that have light and dark as their theme

 • How to make our own songs and music with light and dark as a theme


In Science, we’ll be finding out:

• What seeds and plants need to grow

• About different light sources

• How some materials can reflect light

• How shadows are made


In International, we’ll be finding out:

 • How light is important in many festivals and celebrations


We already know the interest you take in your child’s work. If you can, please discuss with your child the work they have done as the term progresses and let them teach you.



P.E will take place on a Tuesday afternoon and a Friday afternoon. As a result, it is important that your child has their outdoor trainers with them at all times. Children will take part in their usual school PE kit, which consists of a sky blue polo top with a school badge, plain royal blue shorts, royal blue track suit and trainers. PE kits should be kept in school all week in case of timetable changes and will be sent home if they need to be washed.  For health and safety reasons earrings and watches should be removed for all P.E lessons and long hair must be tied up.




Homework will be given out each Friday and due back in by the following Thursday. we try to alternate between Literacy, Maths or topic based activities. Try and encourage your children to be as independent as possible with their homework but it should also be a nice opportunity to discuss their learning from the week.




Reading is so important for every aspect of your children's learning. Reading and sharing books with your child each day is crucial and will help them to learn new vocabulary, context and the skills of inference and deduction. It needs to be an enjoyable experience for all and it is just as beneficial for them to be read to as it is for them to read themselves.


Adults in Class


We are really lucky to have a number of adults working in Murphy Class to support your children. Along with Mrs Andreas and Mrs Bannister, we have Mrs Bell, Miss Allen and Mrs Donnelly. We also have Miss McNamara, a trainee teacher, with us until February half term.


If you have any questions or comments, please make an appointment or come and chat to us, we are here to help.


Kind Regards


Mrs Bannister and Mrs Andreas


Murphy Class Teachers


Welcome to Year 1

Phonics and Reading in Reception and Year 1