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Welcome back to the Summer term! 


Our theme in Reception for this half term will be 'Animal Safari' and 'Creep, Crawl and Wriggle'. As always, in Reception, we like to follow the children's interests so we are looking forward to seeing what fun learning opportunities this theme will bring.

We hope to guide the children through learning about animals that live around the world, how to look after animals and the importance of caring for our local and global environments.  We will think about some similarities and differences between herbivores, carnivores, reptiles and mammals. We would love to hear about the children's pets at home and how they care for these animals. We will also explore animals who help us such as hearing dogs, guide dogs and police dogs.

As always, if your child has something to share linking to our theme then we would love to see it or hear about it during their show and tell times.



During this half term we will be consolidating the phase 3 sounds we have learned so far. We will be working hard to learn these sounds and to continue practising our skills in blending (for reading). We will be looking at words with two or more digraphs (eg: cheep, queen, march) and thinking about different word endings eg: 'ing'. We will also continue to build on our knowledge of tricky words.



Please continue to enjoy sharing the 'Little Wandle' books with your children at home, encouraging them to use their phonic knowledge to help read the words and thinking about the questions contained within the books to support and build on comprehension skills.



Our theme in Maths for this half term will be 'To 20 and Beyond' and 'First, then and Now'. We will focus on building numbers beyond ten, counting patterns, adding more, taking away and spatial reasoning.  During 'exploring' time the children will be able to consolidate and explore their maths learning further.



PE will continue on Tuesdays and Fridays so, as before, please send your children in PE kit on these days.

Welcome to Donaldson Class

Here are some photographs of our lovely learning environment so you can have a little explore of our classroom. In Donaldson Class, our teachers are called Mrs Andreas and Mrs Bannister. Our teaching assistants are called Mrs Bell and Mrs Coward. We are also supported in class by Mrs Randall and Mrs Prophet.


Useful Websites for home learning:


Phonics Play

Letters and Sounds

Top Marks


Oxford Owl



Your celebrations and festivals...

If you will be taking part in any celebrations or festivals, please let us know, as we would very much like to celebrate these with you. If you would like to come in and talk to the class about your celebration, we would very much welcome you to do so!