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Welcome to Year 2 - Dahl Class


On our class page below you will find information about what Year 2 are currently learning about across all subjects. You will also find any useful links or resources here. 

Summer 2023


Welcome to Year 2 - Dahl Class

Welcome back to the Summer Term! We hope you had a lovely Easter break! This is where you can find out about our learning in Year 2, our current topics and any useful websites to help you at home.


You can also see some pictures of our classroom and some of our activities. Don’t forget to follow the school Twitter page for more updates of what we are up to in Dahl class!


Summer Term


This term we are exploring a project titled ‘Magnificent Monarchs’. In the Magnificent Monarchs project, your child will learn about the English and British monarchy from AD 871 to the present day. Using timelines, information about royal palaces, portraits and other historical sources, they build up an understanding of the monarchs and then research six of the most significant sovereigns. They will also use their observation and analysing skills to make inferences about a range of Monarchs from different time periods. Alongside this topic the children will be learning about Animal Survival (Science), Portraits and Poses (Art), Cut, Stitch and Join and Push and Pull (DT) and Jumu'ah (RE). 


In addition, we will be following the national curriculum requirements of English, Maths, Science, RHSE and R.E. 

Our English learning will begin with a narrative text based off the book 'How to Catch a Star.' They will be using this book to learn how to sequence events using time connectives, retell a story, use the first person to write a diary entry and also plan and write their own version of the story. They will then move onto learning about to build their vocabulary in the form of poetry, write their own creation of a myth and create their own explanation text based off the book 'Monsters: An Owners Guide.' 


In Maths we will be developing our understanding of fractions, focusing on 1/2, 1/4, 1/3 and 2/4. They will be investigating what these fractions present as visually using objects as well as learning to find a fraction of a number. Year 2 will also be exploring reading time using analogue clocks and learning about how many hours in a day and minutes in an hour. They will also be learning about the position and direction of shapes, alongside statistics involving pictograms and tally charts. 


P.E. will take place on a Tuesday and Wednesday, where we will continue to wear our P.E kit to school. The kit consist of a sky blue polo, royal blue Oaklands jumper, royal blue cotton shorts, socks and suitable sports trainers. For health and safety reasons earrings and watches should be removed for all P.E lessons and long hair must be tied up. This term they will be focusing on developing their rhythm and collaborative work in Dance as well as sending and receiving skills in sports such as Tennis. 


Computing- This term Year 2 will be learning about effective searching, creating pictures, making music and presenting ideas. We use Purple Mash for our computing lessons which is a child friendly site if you would like to access this at home for any extra practice. 


Music- In Music this term Year 2 will be learning two new songs- The Friendship Song and Reflect, rewind and replay. They will be using their composition and rhythm skills to practice learning different sections of the songs and accompanying their singing with a variety of instruments such as the xylophone, drums, rain shakers and maracas. 



Reading:                                    Every night (15 minutes – please comment on your child’s reading record).

                                                   Reading books will be changed on a Friday and each pupil will take two                                                       books home depending on their level of reading ability. Please make sure children have                                                        their books available in school every day.


Work from an area of the         This will be given out on a Friday and to be returned the following Wednesday in 

curriculum:                                homework books. (Every other week) 


TTRS and Numbots:                 We have moved over to Times Table Rockstars and Numbots. They have completed the introductory lesson in school and should have their login details stuck into their reading records. Please practice on either of these apps to continue to improve their maths fluency. 


If you have any concerns, or questions regarding your child, please contact the school office ( to arrange a meeting. 


Kind regards,


Miss Mason and the Year 2 team



Optional Homework Workbook- Summer Term

Role play- Rapunzel

Movers and Shakers Knowledge Organiser

Ordering numbers in maths

Websites and links


Here are links to a range of useful websites to support your child in their learning.



Recommended Reading Books for Year 2