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Year 6 Tol

kien Class


Hello parents, carers and children,


It has been an absolute pleasure to welcome the the children back to (almost) normal school life, since March 8th this year. We now enter the Summer term, with a plethora of exciting opportunities and events upcoming. We have our whole school production, sports day, lots of sports events and of course the residential trip. Let's keep our fingers crossed and do our bit as a community to ensure this goes ahead. As well as this, we will continue with our high-quality core and foundation learning, aiming to plan and deliver exciting and engaging lessons to your children. 


This is your child's last term here at Oaklands and we will strive to make it the best term ever for them


We have started our first new IPC topic of the Summer term. It is called 'Water For Everyone' and focuses on water usage and water shortages around the world.


In Geography, we’ll be finding out:


•  Where the water that supplies our homes comes from

•  About different types of water pollution

•  About how drought and flooding can affect communities around the world


In Science, we’ll be finding out:

•  About harmful microorganisms and water-borne diseases

•  How to make and test a rehydration drink


In Society, we’ll be finding out:

•  About how lack of clean water can affect whole communities

•  About how lack of clean water can affect different groups within a community


In International, we’ll be finding out:

•  About the sustainable technologies that are helping people to access clean water

•  How we can work together to create a positive ‘water wise’ future



PE will continue to be held on Friday afternoons. Please send children to school wearing their PE kit, consisting of a sky blue polo, royal blue Oaklands jumper, royal blue cotton shorts, socks and suitable sports trainers. Hair must be tied back and any jewellery must be removed. 


Other subjects


Alongside our IPC unit, we will continue to use the Herts for Learning back on track planning for both Literacy and Maths. This will focus on key skills that may require extra input since the national lockdowns. Elsewhere, we will have regular lessons in RSHE, Music, French, and Computing. 



Homework is a valuable opportunity for enrichment and consolidation of learning. Homework will be set on Google Classroom:


Every night: Reading for at least 15 minutes and Doodle Maths

Wednesday: Literacy or Maths and a Curriculum task (usually due Monday)

Friday: Spellings and tables (usually due Wednesday)



Thank you for all that you are doing and here's to making remote learning as fun and useful as possible! If you have any queries or concerns, please email the school office. 


Kind regards,


Mr M. Pilsworth & Mrs A. Thompson


Mr Pilsworth

Tolkien Class Teacher / Key Stage Two Leader



Year 6 In Action!

Alan Pete Sentence Types

Alan Pete's different sentence types can help the your child to open sentences in different ways.  Please have a look at the file when your child is completing any writing based homework to ensure high standard are achieved at home as well as at school.


I have used these before with varying ages of children and seen great outcomes.  It allows the children to experiment with variety and fresh ways to write sentences.  They go hand in hand with all the other skills and techniques that they have been exposed to throughout their journey through education.


Click the picture to view the document.



Recommended Texts & Reading Material