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In 2018 we moved away from our self-written curriculum plans in a bid to engage in topics that were more in line with our International ethos. The International Primary Curriculum (IPC) provided us with a wide range of topic based learning modules that we feel, inspire, excite and engage our learners. Class teachers use input from pupil voice to shape the curriculum for their class, often finding local and familial links to hook in the learners. To find out more about the IPC follow this link:


As a school community our heart lies with our school values of kindness, honesty and respect. Equally, we belief in the principles of British Values and the Universal Declaration of Human Rights. By learning about the world around us; it's history, culture, society and evolution we can demonstrate that wherever you are in the world your values will lead you in the right direction. We aim to teach our pupils that they can be the one person that makes a difference. Our curriculum is strategically planned to open children's eyes to the world around them and to show them how they can support positive change.


Through the IPC we link into the statutory national curriculum framework, make creative links with maths and science and give real purpose to our reading and writing activities. Early years at Oaklands sets a strong precedent as pupil voice leads child initiated play and as such the children shape their learning environment. Moving up the school our teachers are tasked with listening to the views of their pupils to mould and refine the curriculum to make it as personal as it can be. Teachers are aware of pupil's starting points and challenge them to achieve their full potential.


Our curriculum is further enriched through our Forest School, specialist teachers in Dance, PE, Music and Modern Foreign Languages. Our assembly programme ensures that children learn about famous authors, e-safety, mental health, PSHE and RSE. Pupil voice is further enhanced through our bi-weekly house group meetings, expertly led by our year 6 heads of houses and steered by our newly formed school council.


The pages below will give you a greater insight into our vision for learning.