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New Parents

Information for prospective new parents...


Choosing your child's first school or moving your child in-year is a huge decision, and one that shouldn't be taken lightly. We believe that a visit to our school is the only way that we can show you the strengths of our staff team and the engagement of the children in the classroom. Choosing the right school can only be decided when you have experienced its environment and ethos first hand. At Oaklands we are proud to show off our vibrant classroom displays where we celebrate children's achievements. We have a settled staff and engage regularly in CPD to ensure that we are giving children access to new technologies within a truly broad and balanced curriculum.


At Oaklands' we warmly welcome visits to the school. Visits do need to be pre-booked. You will be asked for your name, landline and asked to show ID on arrival at the school. To book an appointment contact the school office 01438 715278 or email


Rather than organise an open day, we welcome visits where we show round no more than two sets of parents round at a   time. We do this to allow you the opportunity to ask any key questions pertinent to your own child. Every child is unique and we believe that offering a personal show round is important in allowing you to:

  1. See the school on a normal day
  2. Meet the headteacher or a senior leader to ask important questions
  3. Meet potential class teachers (if transferring in-year)
  4. Learn more about the individual ethos of the school.


In advance of your visit we recommend that you take a look around our website where you will find information about:

  • Our SEN offer
  • Our behaviour policy
  • Ethos and values
  • Class Pages - this will give you an idea of the topics that we study
  • Forest Schools Page


What to expect when your child starts at Oaklands

  • Each child is allocated a buddy when they start at the school. The buddy system allows children to receive support as they get used to new routines and find their way around a new school.
  • Your child will be greeted each morning by name, and invited to shake hands with the headteacher or deputy headteacher on the school gate.
  • Children's achievements are celebrated - whatever their strength; from dance to art, kindness to mathematics - we believe that every child has something unique to offer and we will endeavour to find this strength and celebrate it.
  • Parents are invited into school for class assemblies
  • Class teachers regularly post updates on to our secure twitter site. As a new parent you will be able to sign up to find updates about your child's day.