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Meet the Staff

The Oaklands' Team


Senior Leadership Team

Headteacher / DSP

Mrs J Petitt

Deputy Headteacher /Deputy DSP

Mr M Hudson

KS2 Leader Mr M Pilsworth

Inclusion Leader /Deputy DSP

Mrs J Stockbridge

Teaching Team


Donaldson (Reception)

Mrs M Graves

Murphy Class (Y1) Mon-Wed

Murphy Class (Y2) Wed-Fri

Mrs A Bannister

Mrs K Thompson Deputy DSP

Dahl Class (Y2)

Mr M Hudson

Ahlberg Class (Y3)

Miss H Mitchinson

Morpurgo Class (Y4)

Miss Willer

Westall Class (Y5)

Mr M Pilsworth 

Tolkien Class (Y6)

Mr J Sutch

Inclusion Teacher Part-Time

Miss H Doutre

Cover Teacher

Mrs S Morgan

Support Staff


Nursery Nurse/MSA

Ms L McGrath

Teaching Assistant and

Wellbeing Leader

Mrs L Fuller (Y2/Y6)

Inclusion Teaching Assistant

Mrs M Hatchman

Teaching Assistant/MSA

Mr R Woollin (Y4)

Teaching Assistant/MSA

Mrs A Thompson (Y5/Y6)

Teaching Assistant/MSA

Mrs M Donnelly (Y1)

Teaching Assistant/MSA

Teaching Assistant

Teaching Assistant/MSA

Teaching Assistant/MSA

Teaching Assistant/MSA

Teaching Assistant

Midday Supervisor (MSA)

Mrs M Pepechkova (Y3)

Miss A Lawrence (Y4/Y5)

Miss D Bissmire (1:1)

Mrs A Prophet (1:1)

Miss L Smith(1:1)

Miss S Allen (1:1)

Miss G L'Anson

Sports Apprentice / MSA


Mr N Bruton


School Secretary

Mrs C McGuigan - All Parental Enquiries.

Administrative Assistant


Mrs S Murley - Looks after finance including money for trips and school dinners.

Site Manager


Mr N Rider



Breakfast Club

Breakfast Club Leader Miss L McGrath                                                                                            
Breakfast Club Assistants

Mrs M Donnelly

Mrs Pepechkova


After School Club

ASC Leader Miss L McGrath                                                                                    
ASC Deputy Leader Miss L Smith
ASC Play Worker Miss G I'Anson
ASC Play Worker Miss A Lawrence
ASC Play Worker Miss I Donnelly
ASC Play Worker

Mrs A Prophet