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Commonwealth Games Activity Session @ Monks Walk School


Well done to everyone who participated in this event today.  You all braved the heat and did fantastically well.  Thank you to the parents who gave lifts, it is much appreciated.  The activities we took part in included: soft archery; rugby inspired bench ball; boxing; rounders; throw at a target and last of a tug o' war competition. 

Fun was had by all!


Check out the pictures of the event below.

Rainforest inspired art day

WOW what a day!

Yesterday, we had some special visitors in our class all day to help us make 3D sculptures.  The sculptures were based on our rainforest theme and global work with a Japanese school.  Much more to follow about this is the coming half term.  It was amazing to see the children so engaged with their work yesterday and the final outcomes were amazing. 

To our amazement, the work that we produced will be on display in two different places.  Firstly, in the Welwyn Garden City library alongside the work from Tokyo.  Secondly, our work is being swapped with a school in Tokyo and it will be on display in their school.  In return, we will be displaying their work in our school.  More to follow on this when we have news from Akane and Jack (the artists we worked with).

Thank you for all bottles that you donated.  We will make sure extras are recycled or reused in the future.

Should Goldilocks be imprisoned?


Last week in our class we created a courtroom and argued for and against Goldilocks being imprisoned.


R v Goldilocks OPM (Oaklands Primary Morpurgo) 2017

Judge - Jayden, Larry, Stanley, Daniel, Arthur, Louis, Isobel and Kayden

Prosecution Counsel - Gabriel, Souki, Chloe, Sam, Ronnie, Freya and Archie

Defence Counsel - Thomas, Amy, Emily, Sanaiya, Kieran, Cameron and Jude


Official video footage of the trials can be seen below.


If you were the judge what would you decide?

Should Goldilocks be imprisoned?

Daniel (Judge), Cameron (Prosecution) and Ronnie (Defence) were arguing in a courtroom for (Prosecution) and against (Defence) Goldilocks being imprisoned.

Should Goldilocks be imprisoned?

Arthur (Judge), Souki (Prosecution) and Emily (Defence) were arguing in a courtroom for (Prosecution) and against (Defence) Goldilocks being imprisoned.

Should Goldilocks be imprisoned?

Stanley and Larry (Judge), Sam (Prosecution) and Jude (Defence) were arguing in a courtroom for (Prosecution) and against (Defence) Goldilocks being imprisoned.

Should Goldilocks be imprisoned?

Louis (Judge), Archie (Prosecution) and Kieran (Defence) were arguing in a courtroom for (Prosecution) and against (Defence) Goldilocks being imprisoned.

Should Goldilocks be imprisoned?

Isobel (Judge), Sanaiya (Prosecution) and Freya (Defence) were arguing in a courtroom for (Prosecution) and against (Defence) Goldilocks being imprisoned.

Should Goldilocks be imprisoned?

Kayden (Judge), Gabriel (Prosecution) and Thomas (Defence) were arguing in a courtroom for (Prosecution) and against (Defence) Goldilocks being imprisoned.

Should Goldilocks be Imprisoned?

Jayden (Judge), Chloe (Prosecution) and Amy (Defence) from Morpurgo class arguing in a courtroom for (Prosecution) and against (Defence) Goldilocks being imprisoned.

Year 4 Morpurgo Class


Summer Term 2017

Welcome to the Summer term and an exciting new chapter in yours and your child’s learning journey.


This half term Morpurgo will be studying Rainforests around the world. We will use this topic as the basis for all our curriculum subjects where possible. We will begin by locating the rainforests around the world and gaining knowledge and understanding of the different aspects that make up rainforests. All of this learning will be put together to create an exciting explanation text. The children will also be writing a discussion text about saving the rainforest and changing the laws in Brazil to save the Amazon. At the end of the topic the children will take part in a debate about saving the rainforest whilst considering both arguments for and against.


In Literacy we will be using traditional tales to help compose discussion texts about whether a familiar main character should be imprisoned for various offences within the traditional tales. This is an exciting angle to learn about discussion texts and one that I am really looking forward to teaching.


Our Science topic this half term will involve looking at the ecology of the rainforest, animal’s habitats and food chains. In addition to this, we will be looking at how the environment can change and the dangers that this poses on living things.


Kind regards,


Mr Sutch and Morpurgo Class


Reading Books


When reading with your child at home it is important that they understand what they’re reading. Use these questions to help question your child:

  1. What has happened so far? (orally or written summary of what has happened in 2 or 3 pages or paragraphs)
  2. Who are the main characters?
  3. What have you learnt from what you have read? (Non-Fiction)

Please comment in your child's diary each time you read with them. Reading books will be changed on a Monday and Thursday. Pupils will also have the opportunity to bring a book home from the school library. Please make sure children have their books available to read everyday.




Pupils will be set homework on a Tuesday and Friday. On Friday the homework will consist of spellings and times tables.  On a Tuesday homework will be set that will consist of an area of the curriculum.  The children will be able to access this through Google Classroom or in the homework book. In addition to this, each child will be expected to complete their daily work program on DoodleMaths.


Literacy - short stories 

To mark the start of our alternative fairy tale work we have been writing some short stories using 5 sentence starters; Once upon a time; One day; Unfortunately; Fortunately and In the end.  Below are a few examples of our work.


Once upon a time, there was a lost monkey.  One day, his owner got lost.  Unfortunately, he had no food or water.  Fortunately, he lived in the woods so he could eat leaves.  In the end, the owner found his way back home and they all lived happily ever after. By Archie


Once upon a time, there lived a lonely unicorn.  One day, the unicorn forgot how to fly.  Unfortunately, the unicorn can’t walk or fly so he didn’t have any food.  Fortunately, he found a friend who got the food and taught him how to fly.  In the end, the unicorn had other friends and introduced them they all lived happily ever after. By Freya


Once upon a time, there was a lady called Miranda Sing she sang a lot.  One day, she made a YouTube video that hit 2000 subs she was delighted.  Unfortunately, she lost her voice she was very upset.  Fortunately, she made loads of YouTube videos and she hit 2, 224, 667 subs. In the end, she got rich and bought a Lambo made out of pure gold. By Louis

Happy St George’s Day!

To mark St George’s Day we wrote some diary entries from the perspective of two people.

First person eye witness to the slaying of the dragon.

First person account as George himself as he embarked on his mission to slay the dragon.

There were some really interesting accounts.  Please read some below.


I have been travelling on my horse for 2 days.  It was a sunny morning.  Suddenly, I saw the village with all the villagers standing outside of their homes afraid and scared.  I saw the lake a few miles to the left of the village.  5 minutes later, I reached the lake and saw the beast. I unsheathed my silver blade and pointed it at the beast. “I’ll kill you!” I said. He roared louder than ever.  I tried to chop the neck off but failed.  The beast swung his tail around but missed me by far.  He tried again.  I jumped as high as I could and chopped off his neck.  I rose my sword for victory. By Arthur

I woke rubbing my eyes as bored as always hoping for some excitement to come and pop out of nowehere and it did!  I’ll tell you now, it was the fight of George and the dragon! I was sooo excited but nervous.  When I started to think about what will happen to George I couldn’t look away.  George galloped across the grass. The fight was on! Hearing screaming for the dragon, blood went everywhere, thinking it was George’s blood but it wasn’t.  Laying on the gravel was the terrifying dragon.  George was victorious.  By Souki

I woke up to a sound of a loud ROAR! As quick as I could I looked out of my window and there he was, the enormous dragon.  Then to the left I saw a tall man in silver shining armour and he was holding a razor sharp sword!  I didn’t recognise him so I got dressed, grabbed my shawl and ran to join the rest of the crowd to see what was going on.  I found out that that man in the shinning armour was going to kill the beastly, horrid dragon so us women didn’t have to give our lives to feed him!  I arrive just in time to watch the battle and saw the name (his name was George) hop up onto his horse and charged up to the dragon and his sword at his head and made a cut.  By Emily