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Tolkien Class - Year 6

Welcome to Tolkien Class



This is it...our final term at Oaklands and we have a lot to fit in! From our residential trip to Swanage to our KS2 production of Porridge, there won't be a dull moment.


During the Summer term, we will be comparing the early Islamic civilisations with the early civilisations in England. In particular, we will be considering which of the two were more advanced in their thinking and behaviours. Our studies will also lead us to investigate the importance of Baghdad what role it played in shaping the modern world today.


Linking closely to this topic, we will be exploring the work Islamic artists around the world and the significance of accuracy and symmetry. We will have a go at designing some of our pieces of artwork on the same theme.


In science we will be investigating living things. We will be exploring how living things can be classified into groups, including micro-organisms, and give reasons for this classification. We will also be looking specifically at humans and their changes into old age through creating life cycles. These will then be compared to life cycles that we have made for other animals.


In computing we will be learning about databases and how to design, create and review databases to answer specific queries. Our P.E sessions will focus on tennis and athletics in preparation for our sports day this term!


Maths in Tolkien class will be taught following the new national curriculum which encourages both a depth and breadth in understanding. In literacy, we will be writing in a range of different fiction genres and creating a variety of recounts, reports and explanation texts making cross curricular links to our topic work where possible.


Please feel free to come into the classroom and see what we’ve been getting up to!


Kind regards,


Miss Doutre and Tolkien class

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Homework is given out on a Tuesday and a Friday.


Tuesday's homework is a reading/grammar based activity and a creative task and is due the following Monday.


Friday's homework is maths and spelling and is due the following Thursday.


Children may receive additional projects to complete at home for which they will be advised of the expected return date.



We have high aspirations for homework.

Children must present their work neatly using joined up cursive handwriting.

Support if needed but encourage independent learning.

Children must seek clarification before the homework is due.