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Keeping Safe and Feeling Happy

From time to time life can feel a bit tricky. At Oaklands there are lots of ways that we can help you to feel safer and happier.


Feeling unsafe at school or at home?

  • Use your safe hand - who have you written on your safe hand? Can you talk to these people about your worries?
  • Your class teacher will always make time you if you are worried about something.
  • Use the friendship bench if you're feeling lonely at lunch-times or break-times.
  • Write down what you are feeling and give the note to a trusted adult.
  • Talk to a friend, they might come to an adult with you.
  • You must protect yourself.



If an adult is making you feel unsafe at home or at school - you must tell someone and you will be helped. If you don't have a trusted adult that you feel that you can talk to call Childline on 0800 1111.



Struggling with learning?

  • I must remember that it's not that I cant do it, I just cant do it yet.
  • Having help and support from my teacher or a friend will help me to understand - this is positive.
  • Talk to your grown ups at home and to your class teacher - they can help you to understand which parts you need help with.
  • Remember that our best learning comes from us making mistakes.