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Some pictures of what we have done so far in year 5!

Some pictures of what we have done so far in year 5! 1
Some pictures of what we have done so far in year 5! 2
Some pictures of what we have done so far in year 5! 3

Spring Term 2018


Welcome to Westall’s class webpage!


Heading into our second term in year 5, our topic learning will focus on The British Empire. Across the term, we will learn about the how Britain’s empire changed the way the world worked and traded; for the best and the worst! Alongside this, we will discuss gender equality, the rise of the suffragettes and crime and punishment during this period. This will link with our geography unit, as we discover how the world has and still is changing. The term will culminate with us planning our own towns, considering modern day necessities and amenities – all within a budget of course!


In Science, we will begin the year learning about various forces including air resistance, gravity and water resistance. As usual with our Science, we will be testing our theories by carrying out investigations/experiments about our topic. The latter half of the term sees us looking at properties and changes of materials. We will compare and group materials, whilst exploring reversible and irrevelrisble changes.


Up until just before half term in Literacy, we will be reading and writing about suspense and mystery stories, so prepare to hear about theories and some ‘strange goings on’ as we read the mysterious Room 13. This will lead up to writing our own story endings, full of suspense and drama! Later on in the term, we cover instructional writing and report writing, before finishing the term writing and performing anti-bullying raps!


We will continue with the new curriculum in Mathematics, which means increased expectations on all children. A ‘Maths Is Everywhere’ approach will be taken to our lessons so that children understand the importance of their learning, beyond the classroom.


In R.E we will be learning about celebrations related to key figures – a specific focus will be paid to Passover and Easter, including the life of Jesus. This will, as before, be taught by the fantastic Mrs Oliver throughout the term. Music will continue to be taught by Mr Peach. We are making good progress with our brass instruments and will be announcing the date for our end of year performance before Easter. Art and D&T will involve us designing our own modern day outfits, taking inspiration from current fashion designers and recent trends. This will link to our previous and current learning about textiles during the Industrial Revolution and British Empire.


In our outdoor P.E. sessions, we will continue learning the principles of attacking and defending. This term, year 5 will be pioneering two sports that are relatively new to our school curriculum; handball and lacrosse. As you might be aware, year 5 will be performing at the Campus West Theatre in March, so our indoor P.E. lessons will centre on us learning our dance. The show is always excellent, and provides the children with invaluable experience.  These lessons will be taught by Mrs Willoughby, who has over 20 years of dance teaching experience. Look out for letters coming home regarding costumes and ticket ordering in the coming weeks.


If you have any questions or queries, please do not hesitate to contact the school office to book a meeting.

I am looking forward to this exciting term.


Kind Regards


Mr Pilsworth





Each child has a homework folder that contains a spelling book, reading record and homework diary. These will need to be brought to school, and taken home every day. Please ensure that your child brings their homework back on time so that it can be marked and handed back to them before the next homework is set. 



Each night for a minimum of 15 minutes. 


Curriculum Activity (x2):

Given out on Tuesday, returned to Mr Pilsworth on Monday.


Spellings and Times Tables:

Given out on Friday, returned by Thursday. 


Here are some pictures from previous cohorts to give you some ideas of what to look forward to over the next term...
Picture 1
Picture 2
Picture 3
Picture 4

For detailed information about what we are learning this term, please have a look at the curriculum map attached below.