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Some pictures of what we have done so far in year 5!

Some pictures of what we have done so far in year 5! 1
Some pictures of what we have done so far in year 5! 2
Some pictures of what we have done so far in year 5! 3

Summer Term 2018


Welcome to Westall’s class webpage!


Throughout our final term in year 5, our topic learning will focus on World War Two. This unit will see us learning about the historic events of D-day and the gruesome tales of life in the trenches. We will also be putting ourselves into the position of children in the war, and considering how we would have acted and what we would have taken in the event of an evacuation. Towards the end of the term, we will focus on war in the local area and learn some invaluable first aid methods that children were taught throughout the war. For this term, our topic will link closely to our Artwork, where we study famous artists from this period and create our own papier-mâché WW2 helmets. Our learning of this topic will be further enhanced by our upcoming residential trip to France.



In Science, we will focus initially on electricity, which will lead to us building, sketching, designing, testing and repairing a range of circuits for specific purposes. In the latter part of the term, we will move towards properties and changes in materials, including testing reversible and irreversible changes.


Literacy will see us studying a range of literature from our literary heritage. This unit will lead to the creation of our own narratives, using styles and techniques from other famous authors. Elsewhere, in terms of non-fiction writing,  we will learn about report and discussion writing; culminating in a staged debate. Keep your eyes and ears open, as we may be requesting a ‘jury’ to help us settle our debate. Finally in Literacy, we will be creating our own anti-bullying rap poetry and studying the work of the famous poet, Lewis Carroll. 


We will continue with the new curriculum in Mathematics, which means increased expectations on all children. A ‘Maths Is Everywhere’ approach will be taken to our lessons so that children understand the importance of their learning, beyond the classroom.


In R.E, we will focus on leaders of religious communities and the importance of religion today, as well as looking at various creation stories and the questions that they raise. Mr Peach will continue his work with year 5, as we prepare our end of year music performance. We aim to announce the dates of our performance in the first two weeks back – so again, keep an ear out for that! In Art and D&T, we will be learning about artists from the WW2 period – creating our own gloomy portraits. In addition to this, we look at the word of modern day propaganda art from the likes of Banks and wrap up the term by researching, designing, creating and evaluating our war helmets.


In our P.E. sessions, we will be trying our hand at a range of different athletics disciplines, which will prepare us well for sports day and future sporting events. Our other P.E. slot, which will also be outside as it is Summer, will focus on both tennis and rounders. Finally, computing involves us learning about moving and morphing images, where we will be creating our own film trailers.


If you have any questions or queries, please do not hesitate to contact the school office to book a meeting.


We are looking forward to this exciting term.


Kind Regards


Mr Pilsworth & Westall Class




Each child has a homework folder that contains a spelling book, reading record and homework diary. These will need to be brought to school, and taken home every day. Please ensure that your child brings their homework back on time so that it can be marked and handed back to them before the next homework is set. 



Each night for a minimum of 15 minutes. 


Curriculum Activity (x2):

Given out on Tuesday, returned to Mr Pilsworth on Monday.


Spellings and Times Tables:

Given out on Friday, returned by Thursday. 


Here are some pictures from previous cohorts to give you some ideas of what to look forward to over the next term...
Picture 1
Picture 2
Picture 3
Picture 4

For detailed information about what we are learning this term, please have a look at the curriculum map attached below.