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Summer Term 2017


Thank you for visiting our class page!


This term, in year 5, our topics of study will be Climate Change and Early Islamic Civilisation. In history, we will be learning about ancient Islamic settlements. We will find out about trade, conflict, key figures and lifestyles from this period. The module will end with us having a go at making our own perfumes, using essential oils – as this was one of the main sources of trade at this time. In geography, we will be learning about Climate Change. We will look at the gradual disappearance of the polar ice caps, as well as modern day strategies to save both water and energy. During this unit of learning, there will be a heavy focus on locational knowledge, including how geographical aspects change over time.


In art, we will be exploring geometry through the vehicle of religious patterns. This includes revisiting our previous work on Mendhi and Rangoli art. We will then turn our focus to stained glass artwork, commonly seen in churches. By the end of this series of lessons, we will have created our own stained glass artwork,


Our P.E. lessons continue to be taught by the sports coaches from Premier Sport. We will learn techniques and skills via athletics, rounders and tennis. As usual, there will be a variety of extra-curricular sports clubs on offer to the children in year 5.


In science, we will continue looking at living things, turning our focus from evolution to classification. We will learn how to classify different living organisms based on their characteristics. Expect to hear about our journeys to the paddock to observe, listen and feel different living things.


We will continue to follow the new curriculum in Mathematics, which means increased expectations on all children. A ‘Maths Is Everywhere’ approach will be taken to our lessons so that children understand the importance of their learning, and that the use of our mathematical skills stems way beyond the classroom.


Our literacy unit starts with the ‘take one book’ section of the curriculum. During these lessons, we will focus on a specific book over a number of weeks. We will focus specifically on characters, motives and plots throughout the book. Following this unit, we will move onto looking at fiction from our literary heritage, where we will study the work of famous writers such as Shakespeare. These lessons will culminate with us writing our own versions of traditional fiction, in the style of specific authors, as well as writing our own contemporary versions. Elsewhere, we will study reports and discussions, focusing on our debating skills. Finally, we will study the life and work of a particular poet.


Mr Peach continues to teach our music lessons, where we are working hard to learn our brass instruments. Keep your eyes peeled for information on our performance, we will notify you when we have a date arranged!


Finally, we will be studying leaders in religious communities and the importance of religion today, as well as creation stories and the questions that they raise.


If you have any questions, please feel free to pop in after school, or call the office to book an appointment.


Kind Regards,


Mr Pilsworth


Please take the time to look at some of our fantastic work!




Each child has a homework folder that contains a spelling book, reading record and homework diary. These will need to be brought to school, and taken home every day. 



Each night for a minimum of 15 minutes. 


Curriculum Activity:

Given out on Tuesday, returned to Mr Pilsworth on Monday.


Mathletics Activities:

Given out on Tuesday, completed by Monday.


Spellings and Times Tables:

Given out on Friday, returned by Thursday


Here are some pictures to give you some ideas of what to look forward to over the next term...
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