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Year 3-Ahlberg Class


Welcome back to the Spring Term!


Welcome back to what is sure to be yet another busy term for Ahlberg class. I hope you had a lovely and very relaxing Christmas.  Our topic this term is 'The Anglo-Saxons and the Vikings'. We are going to learn all about where the Anglo-Saxons and the Vikings came from and about their way of life. 


In our maths lessons the children will be covering all 5 blocks from the curriculum. This will involve lots of problem solving and reasoning. In support of our maths lessons the  children have access to Doodlemaths which they can use to answer daily questions and earn stars. 


In our english lessons we will be focusing on traditional tales - fairy tales, explanation texts, reports, and Haiku, Tanka and Kenning poems, as well as building our vocabulary. Where possible, our english topics will link with other areas of the curriculum.


Our science topics this term are 'States of Matter' and 'Rocks'. In our first topic the children  will learn how to sort and describe gases, investigate gases and explain their properties and investigate materials as they change state.  In our second topic after half term the children will  learn about  comparing different types of rocks, group rocks based on their properties, explain how fossils are formed and understand how soil is formed. 


In our art and D&T lessons the children will have the chance to learn about Viking long boats. They will design and make their own long boat by first creating a plan and using tools to create the different parts of the ship. 


These are just a few of our many subjects that we will be covering this term. To see more, take a look at our curriculum leaflet lower down the page.


Please continue to support your children to become independent and reflective learners. Remind them that homework must be in on time every time and of our EPOW (Every Piece of Work) matters pledge.


If you have any queries please do pop in and see me at the end of the day or arrange an appointment via the school office.

Kind regards


Miss Mitchinson


Homework is given out on Tuesdays and Fridays.


It is also vitally important to read every night and practise times tables as the children are tested every Friday morning.