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What we did during home learning

Remote Learning Expectations


All of your work will be set on google classroom.

3hrs remote learning for KS1 

4hrs remote learning for KS2


Your learning will be a mixture of live lessons, online tasks and links to other educational sites for research and videos.


Your grown-ups must let the school know if you are unwell and won't be logging onto remote school each day.


We want you to achieve to your very best potential so continue to produce work of as high a standard (as you would in school) and keep on heading into the stretch zone to keep your brain alert and open to learning new things. Remember it's ok to get it wrong: failure + learning = flearning. We love flearning at Oaklands as that's when we have to think about what to differently next time to get it right.


I want to do more work - what can I do?

It's great if you want to do some more work. Things like practising times-tables, more doodle maths and research are easy to do but you also have time to think about what really interests you. Do you like superheroes or karate, are hoping to be a fashion designer one day or a scientist? Why not complete some work around something you are REALLY interested in - how often do your teachers give you the chance for you to learn about exactly what you want.


There are some ideas below but the opportunities are endless...

  • Scroll down for a PDF on becoming a garden detective...
  •  Spend the afternoon in the garden (if you are lucky enough to have one) and see how many different types of bugs you can find
  • Write a daily diary about how you copes during this unprecedented time when all of the shops and businesses were closed and you didn't have to go to school. You can just use plain paper for this or create a diary template in word and create an electronic version.
  • Complete the 30 day Lego challenge building something different every day - you'll find the image for this on
  • Search online with your grown ups for some home-made science experiments - make a lava spewing volcano or a bouncy egg.
  • Bake a cake or help your grown ups to prepare dinner - macaroni cheese is a great one to start with. Use BBC Food recipes to help you out.
  • Plant some seeds in the garden or grow some vegetables- if you keep some potatoes aside they'll soon start to sprout.
  • If you have a dog - create a safe and low-level dog agility course and see if you can train your dog to do some new tricks.
  • Make a rocket or a space station using old plastic bottles and cut up carboard - this website might help you but just use what you have at home
  • See if your grown ups will let you stay up late enough to see the stars come out and see what you can find. Use this website to help you know what to look for
  • Learn to play the piano with a free 30 day trial of the Simply Piano App (Make sure you talk to your grown ups before you do this)
  • Join Carol Vorderman's maths factor page for free while school is closed for daily lessons, times tables and more.
  • Dance with Oti Mabuse (Strictly Come Dancing Winner 2019) for live stream dancing for children at 11.30am every day via her Facebook page - you'll need your grown ups to access this
  • Daily Yoga with Cosmic Yoga -
  • Invite a 3D animal into your living room by typing the animal type into google and then clicking view in 3D
  • The de Havilland Aircraft Museum are sharing some of our STEM offerings by uploading short, easy-to-digest videos to help teach and inspire. Below is the first one they've created, with curriculum links too.
    We are adding content to our YouTube channel everyday:
  • For the inventors amongst you James Dyson has given you some challenges to try at home:

For those of you who like a bit of structure in your lives; here's what various celebrities are offering you and your kids for free daily to help with their education while schools are closed:


9.00am - PE with Joe Wicks


10.00am - Maths with Carol Vorderman


11.00am - English with David Walliams


12.00pm - Lunch (cooking with Jamie Oliver)


1.00pm - Music with Myleene Klass


1.30pm - Dance with Darcey Bussel


2.00pm - History with Dan Snow (free for 30-days)


4.00pm - Home Economics with Theo Michaels (Mon/Wed/Fri)


Non-daily events include:

Science with Professor Brian Cox, Robin Ince & Guests


The government have also launched a page jam packed full of safe online sites offering home learning information:


One of our parents has put together a PDF with multiple ideas - thank you for this. As any good teacher will tell you it's great to magpie ideas so we've pasted the PDF below for you.

An Oaklands parent created PDF with multiple links to learning...