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All About Our School Dog


Jessie is our school dog. She is an eight year old cocker spaniel and has been going to school since she was just 14 weeks old. Jessie has been at Oaklands school since September 2014. Just like all of our new children, it took her a little while to fit in. We spent the first couple of weeks showing her around the large school site - it's amazing how much there is to see. She especially likes the paddock at the top of the field - it's hidden away and she can run through the woodland area, go bug spotting and even have a sneaky peak through the fences at the old school swimming pool.


We also had to show her where to line up to get her lunch and where the toilets were. Just like our new reception children, Jessie was given a year 6 buddy to help her to settle in. 


These days, Jessie spends her days visiting the classrooms, joining in with PE lessons in the hall, listening to readers from across the school and sleeping in Mrs Petitt's office. Sometimes, Jessie even helps us out by looking after anyone who is feeling a bit sad - a little stroke and a look into her big brown eyes is enough to make anyone feel happy again.

Year Six Dog Walker Application Form

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